Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Rava Naral Ladoo/रवा-नारळ लाडु

Ladoo is a popular dessert snack in India. Ladoo's are made from variety of flours like besan, whole wheat, semolina, coconut etc. Rava naral ladoo as the name suggests is made from rava+naral. These ladoo's tastes oh so delicious, they are soft and just melts in your mouth, plus fresh coconut give these ladoo's just the right texture. 

2 1/4 Cup fine rava/semolina
3 tbs ghee/तुप 
1 cup fresh grated coconut
1 1/2 Cup sugar+Water to make syrup or पाक as called in marathi
1/4 tsp cardamom powder

Melt ghee in a kadhai, add rava to it and over medium flame roast until you get a nice aroma and rava turns slightly pink in color. Add grated coconut and roast for some more time and shut off the gas. In another pan mix sugar and just enough water to cover the sugar.
Bring this mixture to boil on a medium heat. You will need ektaari paak for these ladoo's. Now the question is how do we know if paak is done? The syrup should be little bit sticky. I am uploading the picture to give you the idea about how to check the syrup between your fingers to know it's done. It will roughly take about 5-7 minutes.
Once syrup is done add rava and coconut mixture to it, add cardamom powder and stir. Now keep this mixture aside for 3-4 hours. Rava and grated coconut mixture will soak all the syrup and we will get soft and moist ladoo's. Keep on mixing the mixture every now and then and see to it that it doesn't dry up. After 3-4 hours form ladoo's from the prepared mixture.


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