Sunday, November 11, 2012

गोड शंकरपाळे/Sweet Shankarpale

Recipe for sweet shankarpale is pretty simple and has same procedure like खारे शंकरपाळे /khare shankarpale. As the name suggests these shankarpale are sweet but not too sweet like लाडु /ladoo. Today's sweet shankarpale recipe will make approximately around 3lb.

1 Cup Sugar
1 Cup Milk
3/4 Cup oil
4 1/2 Cup मैदा/All Purpose Flour/Maida
Oil for deep frying

Combine sugar,milk, 3/4 cup oil and bring it to low boil. Once boiled shut off the gas. Leave it aside for few minutes. Next add मैदा/Maida little by little into the liquid to make a stiff dough. You will need only that much maida that will fit into the liquid and stiff dough is formed. 4 1/2 cup maida was required for the above mentioned liquid but it will depend on how heaping cups of maida you take. So just remember to keep adding maida until you get a nice stiff dough. Keep this dough covered aside for couple of hrs. Here are couple of photo's to give you the idea.

 After all maida is added you will get stiff dough like this.

Next procedure is same as खारे शंकरपाळे  You will need that special spoon called as कातण in Marathi. Divide the dough into equal balls and roll out each ball into 7-8 inch circle into medium thickness. Now use the spoon and make shankarpale's out of it. Make a big batch of shankarpale from couple of balls and spread it on newspaper and then deep fry them in batches. Repeat the smae procedure for the the whole dough. Nice and crisp गोड शंकरपाळे are ready for Diwali!

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