Saturday, September 29, 2012

तळलेले मोदक/Fried Modak

Another sweet made during Ganpati festival. Unlike Ukadiche Modak these Modak are fried and not steamed. Stuffing for these modak is same as Ukadiche Modak but outer covering is different. It is made of  मैदा /all purpose flour. Since stuffing is same I have not included it's ingredients in this recipe. But you can click on link of Ukadiche modak where you will find recipe for stuffing. Stuffing can be made 2 ways using jaggery or sugar. For Ukadiche Modak stuffing is made with गुळ/Jaggery but for fried modak it can be made using either Jaggery or Sugar. I have used Jaggery though for both modak.
As we had guest coming over for गणपती आरती/ Ganpati celebrations I made a big batch of these fried modak. Below recipe will make 55 small size modak.

Saran/Stuffing for modak

Ingredients for outer covering
4 cup मैदा /All Purpose Flour
1/3 cup गरम तेलाचे मोहन/ heated canola oil
Water/Milk as required for kneading the dough

Oil as required for deep frying

Keep your stuffing ready. Click on the link above for stuffing recipe.
For outer covering, heat oil until very hot and pour it on flour. Lightly mix it with your hand. Using water or milk little by little start kneading the dough until it forms into a big ball.
Keep aside the dough covered for an hour. Later divide the dough into equal balls. Roll out these balls into thin puri and put stuffing right in the middle. 

Using your fingers pinch the sides of the puri to make petals in circular motion. Bring all the ends together in form of plates and form a tip and seal it. Continue the same procedure to make remaining modak. Cover the prepared modak with wet cloth so that they don't get dry. This is important because if they get dry the petals will start unfolding. Once done heat oil in Kadhai and deep fry all the prepared modak. 

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